Our Story

I immediately get a connection with a piece of wood since it always tells me a story.'

The last 20 years many houses have and are being renovated and restored to its original state.

In this process they get rid of very old lumber which is wood since colonial times. The wood comes from Surinam and is a very strong type of wood to built mansions with. The colonial mansions were made large and so was the wood, to support the houses. The people residing in them were Dutch colonial governors and traders.

The neighborhood’s name “Pietermaai” is derived from a 18th century Dutch captain and carpenter called Pieter de Meij. Most of the lumber of the Monumento Di Curaçao furniture comes from Pietermaai and Otrobanda, two historical places on the island. Eugene Maduro, the founder and designer says: “All what my islands carries in history and heritage I cherish, accept for a negative attitude towards doing things”.

He also considers bringing out Curaçao’s history by this wood as a way of promoting his island.

The furniture symbolizes the history of the monumental architecture.

In 1997, the UNESCO World Heritage Site committee selected the historic city center of Willemstad—one of just six Caribbean sites chosen—because of its “outstanding value and integrity, which illustrates the organic growth of a multicultural community over three centuries, and preserves to a high degree significant elements.”

In addition to Willemstad’s historic city center, other inductees include the beautiful restored mansions of Scharloo and Pietermaai and Curaçaoan neighborhoods dating back to the 1700s.

The furniture of the concept Monumento Di Curaçao carry with them the historical weight and recognition of the island’s history.


About Eugene Maduro

Qwner and designer of Monumento Di Curaçao:

Eugene is raised in Otrobanda and since young collected objects from his own neighborhood. The objects are as memories of his childhood. Now he makes furniture deriving from this childhood habit.

Maduro:  “Wood tells you how old it is, what it has been through, what its purpose has been. I immediately get a connection with a piece of wood since it always tells me a story. Whether it’s a old window, a door, a floor. When I started to collect the wood I still had no fixed idea what end purpose they would have. As the wood accumulated I got ideas. Doors for the houses I have modified their purpose into cabinets. Some became strong tables.

Awards Won!

  • JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Award 2010

  • Guardian Group Best in Business Award 2014